8. Leg Positions

Foot Positions

Changes in foot orientation and foot position will load the hips differently initiating different activations.

Also placing the feet up on a chair, helps stabilize hyper extension, and mobilize the thoracic spine.

Pelvic Tilt

Proprioception and resistance is increased by doing Pelvic Tilt exercises on the Oov.

Ensure the user is stable at rest, supporting themselves with their hands. Begin pelvic movement, trying to avoid any hip extension.

The nature of the material absorbs any movement but then pushes back against the user increasing resistance.

The lordosis is also supported during this movement.

For kyphotic patients, to increase the extension through the Thoracic spine whilst moving the pelvis, the arms may be placed into external rotation. The arms may be placed in varying degrees of external rotation (see arm positions section) only if the user is stable.

To increase extension, the user can push the arms into the ground.

One Legged Hip Extension