So how do we do this?? How can a device be developed that acts almost as a cytoskeleton or feedback device for the spine and body?

Everyone is a different, size, weight, and has different tight and unstable areas in their bodies, so how can 1 device be created that can work with everyone??? We cant customize each device!!!

So what is important in this device?

Comfort: Its really important. It needs to be soft and comfortable. To relax and stretch tight areas of the spine, the user needs to be relaxed and comfortable. If its hard and unyielding, they wont be able to relax to release their muscles. If someone is in pain, they are usually stressed and their sympathetic nervous system up regulated. Something that patients can lie on and relax is important!

Supportive: The spine is a series of curves. It would make sense that we would then lie on something that is not flat, but has curves in it to support our natural curvature. Supporting these curves allows for a more functional starting position for the spine. So as they relax, their spine is supported in a more anatomical position.

Flexible: it needs to move!!! A static device just doesn’t cut it. Our spine is able to move in all three planes, so must the device to mimmick this movement.?It also needs to be flexible to fit to the user. This is a way to get the device to mould itself to the user, customizing itself every time you lie down, but it must return back to its original position, and not take on the users patterns or posture. So it needs also to have a memory!!!!!! See next!

Dynamic: If something is normally soft and […]